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Our Vision

In 2035, the Southern Nevada region has a strong entrepreneurial spirit sustaining its high quality of life. This vibrant, unique region is characterized by a resilient economy, excellent educational opportunities, urban and natural amenities, and integrated transportation networks.


The purpose of Southern Nevada Strong is to develop regional support for long-term economic success and stronger communities by integrating reliable transportation, quality housing for all income levels, and job opportunities throughout Southern Nevada.

Southern Nevada has some great attributes such as a 24-hour lifestyle, relative affordability, ethnic diversity and headquarters four Fortune 500 companies. However, the region has weathered extremes, beginning with the decade-long economic boom that brought rapid rates of population growth to our valley, and more recently, with the deep recession that brought the country’s highest rates of foreclosure and unemployment.

Through these highs and lows, it became evident that uncoordinated growth has profoundly impacted this place we call home. As a result, we have disjointed land-use patterns that negatively impact residents. These land-use patterns create longer commutes and make it more difficult or time consuming to access services and amenities.

Three years, thousands of work hours, and outreach to nearly 70,000 Southern Nevadans resulted in a shared vision detailed in the Regional Plan. The Southern Nevada Strong Regional Plan demonstrates the need for more choices when it comes to housing, transportation, and jobs. The results of this work, when implemented, will ensure that our Valley’s more than two million residents can enjoy, participate, and thrive in an economically competitive and vibrant region.