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Opportunity Sites

 As part of the regional planning effort, SNS highlights specific locations that are well suited to model principles of sound urban planning and sites that demonstrate opportunities for jobs, housing and transit. Our valley’s four opportunity sites are identified below: downtown North Las Vegas, the Maryland Parkway corridor, Las Vegas Medical District and Boulder Highway at Gibson Road.

Downtown North Las Vegas

Downtown North Las Vegas has not yet been realized as the city’s true civic center potential. Opportunities for the site include:

  • Interested and engaged local businesses
  • Convenient transportation access
  • Potential for infill development
  • New and planned investments such as the Civic Center Shopping Center

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Boulder Highway

Boulder Highway has been identified as a corridor in need of attention to enhance connectivity, pedestrian safety and reinvestment. Currently characterized as a landscape of strip commercial, residential, industrial and casino uses, there are opportunities for the site that include:

  • Developing the area as a gateway to Henderson.
  • Providing neighborhood-serving destinations and amenities such as shopping centers, integrated into a housing development.
  • Planning for housing types that mesh with existing neighborhoods.

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Las Vegas Medical District

The Las Vegas Medical District is a key employment center and home to a variety of health care institutions that recently saw significant public and private investments. Opportunities for the Medical District include:

  • Create public-private partnership to spur medically-oriented development.
  • Work with UNLV to secure a site for the medical school.
  • Determine an approach to district parking to allow new development to move forward.

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Maryland Parkway

The Maryland Parkway corridor can serve as a regional spine for employment and transit connectivity and revitalization. Opportunities include:

  • Encouraging transit supportive development such as a light rail system.
  • Evaluating transit-oriented development and options for redevelopment
  • Improving existing building façade.

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