Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Southern Nevada Strong?

Southern Nevada Strong is a collaborative effort to create and sustain neighborhoods where residents can have access to quality education, a variety of housing choices, good-paying jobs and transportation options. The goal is to empower people to create communities with different choices in education, housing, employment and transportation.

2. What is the Southern Nevada Strong Regional Plan?

The Southern Nevada Strong Regional Plan is a blueprint for improving economic competitiveness and education, investing in complete communities with robust housing options, and increasing transportation alternatives. Developed from the feedback of Southern Nevada residents, it is the region’s first federally recognized regional plan that provides voluntary and visionary recommendations for growth.

3. How did Southern Nevada Strong come to be?

On behalf of the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition, the City of Henderson applied for, received and administered a $3.5M planning grant from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2011. Using grant funds and $1.5M of in-kind support from 13 regional partners, Southern Nevada Strong brought an unprecedented number of Southern Nevadans together to envision a brighter future and develop the Regional Plan.

In 2015, Southern Nevada Strong transitioned from the City of Henderson to the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC), the region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization, for ongoing administration and implementation. Guided by the plan, the RTC is working with local governments, public agencies, elected officials, business leaders, community groups, nonprofit organizations, and residents to make Southern Nevada stronger.



4. Why is Southern Nevada Strong important?

By 2030, nearly 900,000 new and diverse residents will call Southern Nevada home, growing our region’s population to nearly 3 million. We need unprecedented regional coordination, community engagement, and a clear plan to ensure that Southern Nevada is a great place to call home for current and future residents.

A federally-recognized regional plan helps make Southern Nevada significantly more competitive for public and private grant resources than it has ever been in the past. These funds can be used for region-wide projects that impact the entire community and have the potential to increase the quality of life for all residents.

5. How is Southern Nevada Strong being implemented?

Southern Nevada Strong supports community partners to implement the Regional Plan by:

  1. Providing practical tools, trainings and technical expertise that help the regional partners and community groups to accelerate implementation of Southern Nevada Strong initiatives.
  2. Identifying funding sources for the regional partners that will enable them to implement the recommendations identified in the plan.
  3. Modeling best practices for project development and funding that have seen success in other similar cities.
  4. Educating, engaging and empowering Southern Nevadans to take action to create and maintain the communities they want to live in.