Notes from the Field: City of Las Vegas – Mayor’s Faith Initiative and Latino Network of Southern Nevada

WHO: Lori Lopez Priest, administrative officer for the City of Las Vegas; Rocio Martinez-Saucedo, management analyst for the City of Las Vegas

WHAT: The City of Las Vegas has spent the past few years organizing and staffing the Mayor’s Faith Initiative and the Latino Network of Southern Nevada to catalyze community leader participation within the city. These groups have identified priorities and strategies to improve the quality of life of their members, constituents, and the broader community.

WHY: Many of the initiatives that these groups have worked on relate specifically to the SNS Regional Plan. For example, the Latino Network has explored improvements to the built environment as a way to increase access to vital social services. Because the Regional Plan is already an adopted resource that identifies many community needs and goals, a coordinated effort between SNS staff and partners within these networks could advance key priorities.

NEXT: SNS staff, Lori, and Rocio will continue to stay connected and explore potential partnerships and collaboration.