Notes from the Field: American Heart Association

WHO: Victor Arredondo, Senior Community Impact Director, American Heart Association – Las Vegas

WHAT: The American Heart Association works on preventative health initiatives, focused on systematic approaches, including advocacy interventions, to decrease the prevalence of heart disease and stroke. Victor has been with the AHA in Las Vegas for the past 4+ years and has worked in similar roles in Utah and other areas. His experience analyzing complex issues and helping develop and advance intervention programs, systemic changes, and public awareness are all applicable and useful tools for how SNS can further future priorities and actions.

WHY: The AHA has been working with a number of public agencies to promote walkability and complete streets so that Southern Nevada’s build environment is conducive to active lifestyles. Indirectly, AHA has expertise working within a Collective Impact framework where full collaboration from inter-sector and inter-disciplinary partners can achieve a bigger and greater goal together. Similar to SNS, AHA’s goals are broad and incremental. Our teams are committed to working together to learn how best to achieve our goals.

NEXT: SNS and AHA continue to meet regularly to develop and strengthen partnerships. Additionally, Victor was part of a six-person interdisciplinary team from Southern Nevada that participated in the 2018 Walkability Action Institute (WAI), in Decatur, Ga., April 9-12. As part of the team, Victor helped develop an action plan to improve walkability in our region (a goal in the SNS Regional Plan), which the team will be in charge of implementing going forward. The WAI grant was submitted by SNS and the RTC.

“Notes From the Field” is a real-time blog written by our SNS manager that shares notes from meetings with community partners and stakeholders on how they contribute to the progress of the plan. This is an opportunity to follow along on the valley’s progress and receive relevant news on housing, transportation, healthcare, and employment projects