Notes from the Field: Charles Schwab Bank

WHO: Nancy Brown, Director, Community Development, Charles Schwab Bank; Cassandra Angella, Director, Underwriting and Compliance, Charles Schwab Bank

WHAT: Charles Schwab Bank recently moved into a new office in Henderson. Since the bank is new to this area, it is developing a plan for its Corporate Responsibility program. Schwab Bank has historically had an innovative approach to meeting this requirement in other communities served and is crafting a multi-year strategic plan that identifies local community needs to inform its investment and grant-making.

WHY: SNS staff provided a detailed summary and background of the SNS Regional Plan to Nancy and Cassandra to include in their community-needs research. The Regional Plan and its appendices include an excellent survey of resident needs, priorities, and suggestions. SNS staff hope that this research will inform important local investment in the future from Schwab Bank and possibly others.

NEXT: SNS staff will continue to connect with Nancy and Cassandra during the development of their strategic plan. SNS staff will provide any additional research needed during that process.

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