Notes from the Field: ImpactNV

WHO: Lauren Boitel, Executive Director, ImpactNV

WHAT: ImpactNV, formerly known as Green Chips, began as a nonprofit organization promoting expansive environmental sustainability efforts throughout Southern Nevada. Now, under a broader brand and mission, the organization promotes and achieves sustainability throughout all aspects of the community – environmental, economic, and social. ImpactNV is similar to the SNS Regional Plan in that it also outlines community-wide goals and priority areas to focus its efforts. ImpactNV is a vital community partner because the organization includes members of both the public and private sector that provide a unique perspective on how to make progress.

WHY: SNS staff view ImpactNV as an important community stakeholder due to the broad and diverse reach of its member organizations. ImpactNV still manages an energy efficiency program with NV Energy, a specific implementation strategy in the SNS Regional Plan. ImpactNV also works on various social issues – such as health improvements for immigrants and youth homelessness – that impact some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Additionally, ImpactNV publishes an annual Sustainability Report that has important metrics identified in the Regional Plan.

NEXT: SNS staff and Lauren continue to work on potential programs, grant funding, and partnerships. The Sustainability Report holds promise for a future partnership that will create efficiencies between the two organizations.

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