Creating Transit-Oriented Development and Expanding Housing Options with Dace West

TOD Dace West

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Dace West is the executive director of Mile High Connects, a broad-based collaborative organization working to ensure that the metro Denver regional transit system fosters communities that offer all residents the opportunity for a high quality of life. Dace provides leadership and partner support around the organization’s research, policy advocacy, organizing, grant-making and integration efforts.

Prior to her work at Mile High Connects, Dace served as the director of the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships (DOSP), an office created by Denver’s mayor in 2004 to serve as a liaison between the city and its nonprofit sector. While at DOSP, Dace was instrumental in creating the Denver Transit-Oriented Development Fund, an acquisition fund to preserve affordable housing near transit; coordinated over $10 million of direct investments while leveraging an additional $50 million for energy efficiency upgrades for affordable housing and commercial facilities; and managed multiple large-scale collaborative efforts. Throughout her career, Dace has brought high-level expertise in pulling together diverse partners across a variety of issues to work toward common, comprehensive goals and create real change for stronger communities.

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